Woman jailed after assaulting & biting boyfriend, attempting to bite cop

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28-year-old Darian Morris faces a variety of charges, including vandalism and domestic assault, after police say her boyfriend, Ryan Noble, 33, called to report his girlfriend was chasing him around a parking lot and had scratched his face. She later lunged at an officer with her mouth open, attempting to bite them.

Metro Nashville Police responded to the ‘Sometimes Social Art Collective’ at 935 E Trinity Lane on February 10th, in response to an assault call by Ryan Noble, stating his girlfriend was “chasing him around the parking lot” and had “scratched his face”.

Police arrived to find Noble with a small visible cut on his nose containing some fresh blood, a bite mark on his hand, and visible bruising. His vehicle had also been vandalized, with multiple scratch marks on the paint, kick marks visible, and the rear windshield wiper broke off. A video on Noble’s phone revealed his girlfriend, Darian Morris, had vandalized the vehicle.

Darian Morris (MNPD)
Darian Morris (MNPD)

As police attempted to take Morris into custody, she resisted arrest, pulled away, fell to the ground, and told police she wasn’t going with them. She then lunged at an officer with her mouth open in an attempt to bite them.

Darian Morris is charged with domestic assault, vandalism, and resisting arrest. She was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, and is free on a $4,000 bond.

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