Bounty Hunters storm wrong address & hold Nashville family at gunpoint – Khalil Abdullah arrested

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Bounty hunters kicked open the front door of a Nashville home, threw the family to the floor, and held them at gunpoint, believing the father was a person they were seeking who didn’t show up for court, despite his assertions otherwise. When they eventually realized they were at the wrong address, they attempted to leave without involving police and fled the scene. The family was able to obtain the license plate of their vehicle, and now 1 of the 3, Khalil Abdullah, the owner of Matador Recovery, has been charged – and it’s not the first time he’s faced the same charge.

51-year-old Fugitive bounty hunter Khalil Abdullah was finally taken into custody on April 15th, on his own outstanding warrants stemming from a February 8th incident in North Nashville. Court documents now reveal that three bounty hunters surrounded a home on Westchester Drive that night, and knocked on the door, asking for “Tavaris”. When a resident of the home told them they no one lived here by that name and shut the door, Khalil Abdullah kicked open the door, grabbed an adult resident of the home, and threw him on the floor, where he held him at gunpoint. A second of the three bounty hunters then entered the home and also drew his firearm and pointed it at the adult household member.

Khalil Abdullah (MNPD)
Khalil Abdullah (MNPD)

They told the man they knew he was lying, and that he was really “Tavaris”, and despite his please that he was not the man they were looking for, they continued to berate him at gunpoint while on the floor of his own home. Hearing the commotion, a juvenile then came downstairs and was also tossed on the floor by the two gunmen, with a firearm pointed at his head. Eventually, the bounty hunters realized they were, indeed, at the wrong address and fled the scene, attempting to leave before authorities arrived. Witnesses were able to record the tags of a vehicle driven by Khalil Abdullah, and warrants were issued for his arrest after he was positively identified by the family as one of the men who held them at gunpoint.

Khalil Abdullah, who owns Matador Recovery, is the only one of the three that has been arrested as of this date. We reached out to Abdullah prior to publication, and he would only provide juvenile responses to questions, such as “your mom”. Abdullah was charged in Georgia several years ago, for a near-identical incident. Abdullah is currently charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated criminal trespass and is free on a $16,000 bond, posted via Brooke’s Bail Bonding.

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