DUI: Cecilia Mula drinks one shot of whiskey at Shulman’s Bar before hitting parked car

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27-year-old Cecilia Mula drove her white Jeep and struck a parked Subaru BRZ at Shulman’s Bar in the parking lot late February 10th. Matthew Musquiz, a manager at Shulman’s, spoke with officers when they arrived. Musquiz advised officers that he observed Mula drive into a bollard after hitting the Subaru and then exited her vehicle. Officers talked to Mula, and she stated that she consumed one alcoholic beverage at the bar before driving. Officers noticed she was visibly intoxicated, speaking rapidly, and getting off topic repeatedly. Mula consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly, nearly falling over at the end of the walk-and-turn test.  Officers reviewed the parking lot security footage, which confirmed Musquiz’s statement regarding her colliding with the parking bollard. Then, officers spoke with Ryan Gray, the bartender who served her and were told that he watched her consume one shot of whiskey, struggle to find money in her purse to pay for it, and then Gray cut her off due to her level of intoxication. Gray stated that Mula left around twenty minutes after the shot and went outside to get in her Jeep. Officers observed a receipt for Mula showing the purchase of two shots of whiskey and a beer. Gray explained that the other shot and beer were for a friend she was with. Mula consented to provide a blood sample and was transported to booking. At booking, Mula told officers she was not driving and that her friends at the bar would testify that. Mula was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Cecilia Mula (MNPD)
Cecilia Mula (MNPD)

Cecilia G. Mula of Traughber Drive in Nashville, TN, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on February 10th, charged with DUI. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $2,000, and the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office gave her pre-trial release from their facility.

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