Gavin Bellamy’s girlfriend jumps from moving car on way to strip club in Nashville

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21-year-old Gavin Bellamy had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Danyel Coffey, on Broadway around 11:30 p.m. on March 9th. Deputies were called to The Federal Courthouse Building, and when they arrived, they noticed Coffey sitting and speaking with security guards. Then Coffey advised them that she and Bellamy were visiting from Kentucky and had drinks at a couple of bars on Broadway before getting an Uber to Déjà Vu. She stated while on the way to Déjà Vu, they started arguing and had the driver pull over so they could get out. They decided to walk to their vehicle instead. Coffey said their argument escalated while he was driving, during which he started strangling her and punching her in the face, causing her to fear for her life and jump out near the Courthouse as the car was moving. After jumping out, two civilians and armed security guards assisted her.

Police noticed she had several visible injuries as she told them she left all her belongings in his car, including her cell phone. Medics called her cellphone, and Bellamy answered but only said hello before hanging up. Officers could not reach him after multiple attempts, so they tried to use her phone to track his whereabouts. However, she could not remember her information and could not log in to “Find My iPhone.” Coffey advised them that she feared that after seeking help from them, Bellamy would trap her in their house and kill her. A warrant was issued for his arrest on March 10th. Bellamy was taken into custody for aggravated assault on May 22nd.

Gavin Bellamy (MNPD)
Gavin Bellamy (MNPD)

Gavin Bellamy of Coral Hill in Glasgow, KY, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on May 22nd, charged with aggravated assault. He is free on a $20,000 bond.

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