Kay Loni Taylor yells racial slurs at hotel staff who want her removed from sleeping on a bench at 2 AM

Employees at the Grand Hyatt Nashville contacted police just before 2 a.m. Sunday about 32-year-old Kay Loni Taylor, who was sleeping on a bench near the lobby at 1000 Broadway in downtown Nashville. At some point, hotel staff had asked her to leave the bench and she became belligerent and attempted to fight them. The hotel staff were not about that life and say Taylor called them racial slurs and spit on them during an altercation. Police also observed her yelling racial slurs and spitting and determined her to be highly intoxicated, and transported her to booking.

Brice Mertiff charged in assault of girlfriend after she leaves him at the Morgan Wallen concert in Nashville.

Erika Dell says she and her boyfriend of the past year, 35-year-old Brice Mertiff, were at the Morgan Wallen concert in Nashville when she left him there and returned to the hotel to go to bed. Once the concert was over and Mertiff returned she says he woke her up by throwing a drink at her, soaking her upper body, upset because she didn’t stay with him. He became so irate that she began to pack her things to leave him at the Grand Hyatt Hotel where they were staying on Broadway. He reportedly tackled her to the ground as she fled to the elevators, and she struck him with a cell phone in self-defense, and a bystander assisted the victim as she was screaming for help with him on top of her. Security footage captured the entire incident and was reviewed. Mertiff was charged with domestic assault and sent home to Pennsylvania on a $2,500 cash bond.