Steve Jean-Babtiste points rifle at man while impersonating security at 404 Bar & Grill

26-year-old Steve Jean-Babtiste and Stevyn Terrell Thornton claimed to be 404 Bar & Grill security on May 5th. Officers were dispatched next door to the Citgo on Nolensville Pike, where they spoke with Kevin Chavez-Hernandez. Kevin stated that Jean-Babtiste walked to his car and threw his keys across the parking lot before pointing a rifle at him, which was witnessed by Zonia Adelia Soto Coz. Zonia provided officers with footage of the occurrence, showing Fransisco Romero trying to pull Jean-Babtiste off of Kevin. During the scuffle, Thornton started punching Fransisco, threw him to the ground, mounted him, and continued striking him 40-50 times, leaving him defenseless and causing severe face injuries and head trauma. Fransisco was transported to Vanderbilt. Then, Thornton pulled out his pepper spray, threatening the crowd before using it on an unidentified woman. When officers located Jean-Babtiste and Thornton, they were posted outside with the other security guards, wearing matching black military-style uniforms and body armor. Officers detained Jean-Babtiste and searched him, during which they discovered a bag containing a green, leafy substance that he later admitted was marijuana. Jean-Babtiste was then taken into custody for the impersonation of a licensed professional, aggravated assault, and simple possession.

Woman says ex-boyfriend Elijah Leavens bit her middle finger at 404 Bar & Grill

Vanessa Scales says she was at 404 Bar & Grill with a group of friends, while her ex-boyfriend, 32-year-old Elijah Leavens, was also there with another group of people. She claims Elijah “was jealous of her new boyfriend” and started an argument with the new beau. When she stepped in between them to de-escalate the situation, she says Elijah became aggressive and bit her middle finger on her left hand. An arrest warrant did not explicitly state why a single middle finger on her left hand was the only one available for biting.