DUI: Charles Rhodes arrested again, this time with his pants down in a parking garage

Two weeks after Nashville Police encountered a rowdy 44-year-old Charles Rhodes arguing about a lost wallet at the Tin Roof Bar, they found him in the parking garage of 70 Music Square West, standing outside his car with his pants halfway down. Officer Dallas Johnson says when Rhodes noticed his patrol car he jumped inside his own vehicle and backed up nearly striking the police vehicle. He would eventually fail field sobriety tests and be charged with DUI.

Man with missing wallet too drunk for Tin Roof Bar — Charles Rhodes

44-year-old Charles Rhodes was kicked out of the Tin Roof bar on Demonbreun for being disorderly. Once outside, he realized he was without his wallet and was told he would have to come back the following day when he was sober to see if it was located. He flagged down Nashville Police Officer Joshua Spurlock, who along with Lt. Brittany McElwee, went inside to attempt to locate his missing wallet without success. Rhodes was once again told he’d have to return the following day, and at first, he seems to be content and walk away, but moments later he returned yelling and shouting, and after this continued he was eventually taken into custody for disorderly conduct.