Australian tourist Christopher Park tells police, “do what you got to do!” #Arrested

54-year-old Christopher Park was not wanted at the Holiday Inn and Suites Hotel on 4th Ave, as staff told police when they showed up on September 16th. A complainant told police that she did not want to prosecute Christopher, who was also staying at the hotel. The hotel security asked the MNPD officers who arrived just to escort Christopher off the property. Security and the officers contacted Christopher in his hotel room, and the security told him that he was no longer allowed to stay on the premises and needed to vacate. Christopher told them, “That’s not going to happen.” The officers told him that he would have to leave or be charged with criminal trespass, to which he responded, “Do what you got to do.” Police gave him several chances to leave, but instead, Christopher sat down in his room and refused to comply with police commands.