DUI: Collis Arbuckle runs into stop sign & flees the scene on four flat tires

21-year-old Collis Arbuckle was arrested after crashing into a stop sign. On the 25th, Officers were dispatched to Hamilton Rd for an accident. Upon arrival, the vehicle left the scene after hitting a stop sign. A witness told officers it was a gray sedan with four flat tires, and that the car turned right onto Clarksville Pike. Officers located the vehicle on 28th Ave, and it matched the description, including front-end damage, and a shattered rear window. When police asked Arbuckle what happened, he was unable to tell them. Arbuckle displayed red eyes and had trouble keeping them open. Arbuckle agreed to do the breathalyzer test but could not sign his name in agreeance; he then fell asleep during the waiting period for the breathalyzer.