Young Arkansas comic Kobye Latham wanders Nashville neighborhood in underwear

20-year-old Kobye Latham was walking in the neighborhood near Apple Valley Road just after sunrise on December 9th. Latham was found wearing only his underwear and an orange t-shirt. He told the responding officer he was lost, and Officers noticed he reeked of alcohol. He explained he was from Arkansas and had parked his vehicle within the neighborhood but needed help locating the driveway’s exact location. A few hours earlier, a resident located one block away on Hamblen Drive called the police to report an unknown black Buick Verano with Arkansas tags was parked in their driveway. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Twitter suspends comedian Joshua Black from its platform

Nashville comedian Joshua Black (real name: Joshua Lipscomb) has joined the ranks of Mike Lindell and Donald Trump by having his account (@SirJoshuaBlack) suspended by Twitter. Twitter is the latest entity to suspend Black for his behavior on social media, as his employer, the Nashville Fire Department, has suspended and reprimanded him multiple times for his conduct. Twitter has not yet disclosed if the current suspension, which Black received after photoshopping a confederate flag into the photo of a Nashville reporter and passing it off as authentic to support his claim of racism, is temporary or permanent.

Comedian Joshua Black was suspended from Nashville Fire Department over social media antics

The Nashville Fire Department has a Joshua Black problem. Firefighter Joshua Lipscomb, who moonlights as a local alcoholic comedian using the moniker ‘Sir Joshua Black’, has received poor reviews for his “professional conduct” on medical runs and was recently suspended for 8 days after some social media antics with a local business owner. Despite those woes, ‘Joshua Black’ now faces yet another complaint against him as he volleys accusations of racism towards any journalist he disagrees with, including Jason Steen and Meghan Mangrum.