Comedian Joshua Black was suspended from Nashville Fire Department over social media antics

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The Nashville Fire Department has a Joshua Black problem. Firefighter Joshua Lipscomb, who moonlights as a local alcoholic comedian using the moniker ‘Sir Joshua Black’, has received poor reviews for his “professional conduct” on medical runs and was recently suspended for 8 days after some social media antics with a local business owner. Despite those woes, ‘Joshua Black’ now faces yet another complaint against him as he volleys accusations of racism towards any journalist he disagrees with, including Jason Steen and Meghan Mangrum.

Operational Guidelines do not seem to matter to Nashville Fire Department Firefighter Joshua Lipscomb, better known publicly by his stage name of ‘Joshua Black’. Lipscomb uses his stage name for living his private life as an aspiring comedian who makes jokes about LGBTQ & transsexuals individuals, and initiates harassment of local business owners and journalists with large followings in an attempt to raise his own social outreach – a concept commonly known as “clout-chasing”. As a matter of garnering more attention, Lipscomb also founded and heads the ‘Communist Party of Nashville’, a subset of the Communist Party USA, organization. Perhaps, Joshua “Black” Lipscomb is too new to know about the recent troubles with the Nashville Fire Department and the LGBTQ community.

In November, Joshua ‘Black’ Lipscomb went on a social media rant about a local business owner and called and recorded a phone conversation with the person and then posted it on social media under his stage name, though it’s a widely known fact that ‘Joshua Black’ is a Nashville Firefighter. During that phone call, he harassed and belittled the store owner.

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A complaint was filed, and Lipscomb agreed to settle the disciplinary action and accept an 8-day suspension, accepting he had violations Civil Service Rule 6.7 #11, OPG 1.24, conduct unbecoming #1 & #2, OPG 11.2 Social Media #2, #32, failure of good behavior which discredits himself or the department, and #33, conduct unbecoming of an employee of the Metro Nashville government. He was allowed to use 4 of his vacation day accruals for half of the suspension.

Since receiving the disciplinary action, ‘Joshua Black’ has continued to harass and belittle business owners and journalists online in his quest for comedic fame. He routinely assigns people he disagrees with the label of ‘racist’ with no basis, other than he dislikes their viewpoint. He then posts his message for thousands of others to see, urging them to take action.

Recently, he sparred with Tennessean Education Reporter Meghan Mangrum online, calling her a racist for reporting on a Black school board member who took a vacation during a pandemic. Additionally, he recently overlaid the confederate flag over an image of Scoop: Nashville CEO Jason Steen, labeling him a racist when he disagreed with things posted on the outlet.

Black also gained attention locally when he came out strong against local Nashville Health Officials who were on the cutting edge of COVID-19 vaccine trials in the city. Joshua ‘Black’ Lipscomb was very vocal, calling the trials “white supremacy endangering Black people”, and urging the Black community to not participate.

At least one additional complaint has now been lodged with the city against Joshua ‘Black’ Lipscomb for his actions since his initial suspension, for the same continued behavior.

Below is the disciplinary agreement detailing the most recent suspension of Joshua ‘Black’ Lipscomb.

Nashville Fire has acknowledged receipt of the most recent complaint on March 2nd, and this story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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