La’Tona Whitson punches boyfriend in face at Hunters Lane High School hallway

18-year-old Hunters Lane High School student La’ Tona Whitson and her boyfriend D.W. have been dating for about nine months, according to police. On Tuesday, it was caught on video that they were walking down the hallway during dismissal and having a discussion. Whitson showed her boyfriend something on her phone and immediately punched him in the face. The video showed the victim bending over while holding his face. He then dropped his phone, stood up, walked to the lockers, and punched them. He was confronted by some other students and a staff member who witnessed it. The administrator investigated the incident the following morning. When police questioned Ms. Whitson, she said she hit him because she was upset about something he did and tried to push his face but accidentally hit him too hard.

New York’s Philip Cebula charged with disorderly conduct outside Kid Rock’s Bar

Metro Nashville Police say 34-year-old Phil Cebula was in front of Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville attempting to fight another person. Officers were able to intervene, and placed him into custody for disorderly conduct after it appeared the aggressive behavior would continue if he were only given a citation.