18-Year-Old Stasia Ingram breaks boyfriend’s $350 laptop during argument at Drake Motel

18-year-old Stasia Ingram had a domestic incident with Javaughn White, her boyfriend, at the Drake Motel on Murfreesboro Pike in the early hours of March 25th. When officers arrived, they spoke with White, who stated he and Ingram had a verbal altercation because he was “not communicating with her as she desired.” White said that this made her angry, which was when she took a box of McDonald’s French fries and poured them on him. White added that her actions were offensive and provocative. As the dispute continued, Ingram broke his $350 laptop in half. Ingram was deemed as the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Drake Inn Motel drug bust: marijuana, Xanax, Suboxone strips & pills, pain pills, handgun

Byron Roshell, 51, told Metro Police he did not know anything about the narcotics or handgun they found in his room at the Drake Inn Motel, which he has occupied for the past 2 years.