Man arrested after allegedly headbutting wife at Westminster School fundraiser

Dustin Ranger, 29, was arrested and charged with public intoxication Friday night, while attending a fundraiser for Westminster School for Young Children with his wife, at the Clementine event space on Charlotte Pike. He allegedly head-butted his wife during an altercation at the venue.

The East Room, Death From a Bun, & Others Endorsing Fundraiser ‘Legal Fund’ of CONVICTED Att Aggravated Child Neglector (Under 8/Disabled), Kirin Haller (AKA Hong Meow)

It today’s heated political climate, most small companies are careful about even having the appearance of endorsing or condoning anything controversial. A handful of local East Nashville small business owners are proving themselves to be an exception to that rule.  If you were an event venue, or a beer brewer, or even a food truck, would you donate your time, money, sales and/or product to someone’s legal fund that was already convicted of ATT NEGLECT OF A CHILD (UNDER 8/DISABLED), and is on their 2nd probation violation under that specific…