Deana Wikowski jailed after slapping husband in downtown Nashville hotel

44-year-old Deana Wikowski was jailed early Sunday morning after police responded to the Moxy Hotel on Third Ave, where she reportedly assaulted her husband. When police arrived, Joseph Medlar Jr. was sitting at the bar located inside the hotel. He told police that his wife was initially with him at the bar until they had gotten into an argument about how much he had been drinking. She then went upstairs to their hotel room on the second floor. Medlar went upstairs to speak with her, but they only continued to argue. According to Medlar, this is when his wife slapped him on the left side of his face. She tried to slap him once again, but he was able to block any further attacks. Wikowski then jumped on him, began kicking him, and slapped him again, but this time on the right side of the face. Police observed scratch marks as well as swelling on and around his neck and the back of his head.