Matthew Ingram, 32, lives with his mother & she says it’s time to go

32-year-old Matthew Ingram was jailed on Mar 18th for threatening to kill his mother after an argument started about it being time for him to move out of her home on Selma Avenue. Michelle Ingram told police that her son Matthew was belligerent during the argument and said, ” Once I get my $1,500, I’m going to kill you. ” Michelle feared for her life and told police that Mathew may have been on narcotics and had prior mental health issues. After the incident, his mother sought a warrant for harassment/threats, and it was granted by a night court commissioner.

The following day, she called the police to report Ingram was at her home and refused to leave, and he now had an outstanding warrant. Officers arrived and explained to Ingram several times that there was a warrant out for his arrest and that he needed to put his hands behind his back to be placed into handcuffs. Ingram immediately resisted by bringing his arms up to his chest and sitting on the ground. Police struggled with his disobedience and had to pull Ingram’s arms behind his back to cuff him forcefully. After the incident, Ingram told police, “I could’ve went way harder on y’all.”