Mark Koerber refuses to stop sleeping on sidewalk

51-year-old Mark Koerber was sleeping on the sidewalk near the Central Police Precinct around 6 a.m. on June 5th. Officers noticed he had multiple bags around him blocking the passageway, so they asked him to gather his belongings and stop lying on the ground to allow pedestrians to travel freely. After officers explained why they asked him to move and gave Koerber numerous opportunities to move, he still refused and started yelling. Koerber was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct and obstructing a passageway.

DUI: Bianca Canastillos found asleep behind the wheel with car in drive

32-year-old Bianca Canastillos was asleep in her car, which was obstructing the I24 exit ramp and Whites Creek Pike on September 25th. Officers approached the vehicle, noticed the vehicle was still in drive, and saw a water cup in her hand. Next to the water cup, police noticed an open alcohol container and two empty containers behind the passenger seat. When they attempted to wake her up, she dosed off two more times before finally waking up. Bianca could not roll her window down and struggled to open her door. She exited the vehicle and let her foot off the brake, causing the vehicle to roll into the intersection. Police assisted her in putting the car into park after she abruptly stopped it. She was confused, stumbled out of the vehicle, and admitted to drinking but could not tell the officers when she last drank nor how much. Bianca refused to perform sobriety tests and blood testing.