Tyla Griffin backhands boyfriend, records his reaction during argument

20-year-old Tyla Griffin was involved in a domestic incident with Devonte Pentegrass at an Elm Street residence. When officers arrived on the scene, they heard arguing through the door and proceeded to speak with Pentegrass. Pentegrass claimed Griffin had backhand slapped him across the face. Pentegrass also stated that Griffin was slapping and saying offensive things to him the entire night to provoke him and told her she needed to leave but Griffin refused. This is when Pentegrass learned that Griffin was recording his reactions to her slapping him and being offensive.

Officers then spoke with Griffin, who initially claimed she had evidence of Pentegrass strangling her but later retracted her statement when officers asked her about it again. Griffin then admitted to slapping him earlier in the night. Officers deemed Griffin to be the primary aggressor, and while searching through her belongings, they found a small bag of marijuana and a THC vape. Griffin was taken in custody for domestic assault and simple possession of drug paraphernalia.