Bryce King falls out of a moving vehicle in downtown Nashville while drunk

Early Tuesday morning, Metro Nashville Police responded to a report that someone was thrown from a vehicle in downtown Nashville. Officers arrived at Rep John Lewis Way (5th Ave) to find 21-year-old Bryce King “lying in the street, covered in vomit, screaming, and crying,” according to Officer Blake Lutz. Despite his insistence that he was thrown from the car, the drunken man’s claims were discredited by multiple witnesses who confirmed he was hanging out of the vehicle while acting a fool and simply fell out and onto the roadway.

Ryan Whalen & his brother, from New York, charged after brawl at Broadway Bar

Bouncers say 25-year-old Ryan Whalen started a fight at Jason Aldean’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville on Saturday night which resulted in a man’s ankle being broken. His brother, Brendan Whalen, was also involved in that fight. The two were removed from the bar and told not to return. Security Manager Joshua Lynch says a few hours later the brothers, who were visiting from New York, returned to the bar and Ryan once again started another fight. They were both detained by security and charged with criminal trespass.

New Yorker Brendan Whalen & brother kicked out of Broadway Bar & jailed when they return

22-year-old Brendan Whalen and his brother, Ryan Whalen, were both jailed on criminal trespass charges this weekend at Jason Aldean’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville after they were involved in a fight that left a man with a broken ankle and were kicked out of the bar. Despite warning to not return to the venue, just hours later they were back inside and quickly noticed by security manager Joshua Lynch as they caused yet another disturbance. The two New Yorkers were detained until police arrived, and charged with criminal trespass.