UPDATE: Tartufo Chef Brittany Dugger – was former homeless stripper!

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Thanks to a tip submitted to us – we have learned that Chef Brittany Dugger (from upcoming Italian fine-dining restaurant Tartufo) that assaulted a homeless man earlier in the week, was once homeless herself! It appears that Dugger spent some time as a homeless single mom on the streets and worked as a stripper to try to make ends meet.

While it appears her story turned out a success and she got off the streets, and we commend her for that! However, we don’t understand how someone that has been homeless in the streets (if she ever really was for more than a night or two – because there are great programs out there for both single moms and military vets to prevent just this thing) could justify attacking and assaulting another homeless human being. It seems that Dugger used a GoFundMe account to help her get off the streets, out of the strip club, and off the pole.

Not only was this an assault and attack on another human being – it was on someone that Dugger could sympathize with, as she had apparently been in his shoes. Does this make her even more heartless and more of a typical ex-military no feelings cold-hearted bitch type person? Sound off in the comments!

brit strip

brit go1

brit go2

UPDATE: 11/13/15: Brittany called and pitched her story to WSMV who picked up on it, and tells a very inflated side of the story, that doesn’t match her own account screenshotted above – which we should note has mysteriously been removed since the WSMV story aired…

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6 Thoughts to “UPDATE: Tartufo Chef Brittany Dugger – was former homeless stripper!”

  1. […] Our very own local superhero chef who likes to assault homeless citizens, was once homeless herself – A tipster turned us on to the Chef’s former life as a homeless single mom who turned to stripping in Nashville to pay the bills, and used a gofundme page to get out of the streets, off the pole, and into the kitchen..We commend her on a great story, but fail to see how she could be so insensitive and aggressive towards homeless individuals when she’s been there before? See our full update for more: […]

  2. Who's Next

    You fucking dumbass. the “defenseless homeless” person had just stolen a purse.

    1. EN News

      to clarify, the homeless person had just found the purse on the ground for all anyone knows. No crime was witnessed, other than the assault.

  3. chef

    aww you think this hurts my feelings…lol

  4. M-Doss

    I have to say that I am very disturbed by the blatant verbal attack on a person that no one writing or reading this story knows personally. If in fact, if any of these things are true we should be applauding her for her strength as a person despite adversity. Why would you want to talk so horribly about a person that is obviously working every day to make her and her families life a better one? As for the opinion of whether what she did was right or wrong, it can be debated all day. What we do know is the lady who was able to have her belongings back and her identity safe from a predator thinks that Brittany is a hero. I personally am happy to know that there are still people in the world who care enough to get involved.

  5. roge

    eh, at first i found the attack on this “lady” (or whatever it is) semi-disturbing…but after reading about its actions, nah. dugger is the only thing disturbing. gross

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