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Thanks to a tip submitted to us – we have learned that Chef Brittany Dugger (from upcoming Italian fine-dining restaurant Tartufo) that assaulted a homeless man earlier in the week, was once homeless herself! It appears that Dugger spent some time as a homeless single mom on the streets and worked as a stripper to try to make ends meet.

While it appears her story turned out a success and she got off the streets, and we commend her for that! However, we don’t understand how someone that has been homeless in the streets (if she ever really was for more than a night or two – because there are great programs out there for both single moms and military vets to prevent just this thing) could justify attacking and assaulting another homeless human being. It seems that Dugger used a GoFundMe account┬áto help her get off the streets, out of the strip club, and off the pole.

Not only was this an assault and attack on another human being – it was on someone that Dugger could sympathize with, as she had apparently been in his shoes. Does this make her even more heartless and more of a typical ex-military no feelings cold-hearted bitch type person? Sound off in the comments!

brit strip

brit go1

brit go2

UPDATE: 11/13/15: Brittany called and pitched her story to WSMV who picked up on it, and tells a very inflated side of the story, that doesn’t match her own account screenshotted above – which we should note has mysteriously been removed since the WSMV story aired…

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