Jenny Obert Responds: “You’re like the Onion, only better!”

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Previously, we told you about how Jenny Obert left her boyfriend home alone, and while he was there, he essentially got taken for the cash in his skinny jeans pockets by some folks that offered to haul away junk for free, then demanded payment once it was on the truck. Instead of saying ‘No’ or blowing his rape whistle, or calling the cops, he ponied up the cash, and called it a day to avoid confrontation. Jenny stayed silent on the matter – only saying that if she had been home, it would not have happened and she would have kicked them off the property. Now Jenny has contacted East Nashville News (multiple times) – and here’s what she had to say.


Initially Jenny was mad that we would dare post something about her boyfriend – that she herself had already posted online. She seemed embarrassed. Then she moved on to the next stage – which was surprisingly… LOVING US! That lasted a few hours, and then she had a change of heart and wants to ‘sue us for slander’ because she found a lawyer on a Saturday afternoon that told her that a satire news site apparently wasn’t covered under the 1st amendment. Funny enough, it’s specifically INCLUDED. At any rate, her responses to us probably changed once her boyfriend found out about the article, we assume. She continues:



It turns out that her boyfriend (who we haven’t named YET because it was irrelevant to the story, but frankly we’re tempted to update the article for funsies now) is a prominent musician in some Nashville circles, as is she – and the article started making the rounds among her musician friends, and that’s when she went from loving us, to hating us. So since she not only endorsed the article, but made a self admission that she was stupid enough to post it online, that should pretty much nullify any chance that even a strip-mall lawyer would tell her she has a case – because after all, these are the screenshots of her own communications to us.




Jenny, will you love us again? Also, don’t forget our Legal / Butthurt page – it could do you some good!

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One Thought to “Jenny Obert Responds: “You’re like the Onion, only better!””

  1. Sarah Butthurt

    Man you guys and gals are fucking assholes. She asked you nicely to remove her name from the post, because it was obviously upsetting to her and potentially making them vulnerable to a break in and you inconsiderate assholes just had to stir the shit up. You should be ashamed of yourselves (hiding like a scared little ass anonymously behind your screen while taking private messages to post online of her). This is bullying and is beyond offensive at this point. It’s harassment. All you had to do was respect her privacy and redact her name. What the hell is wrong with you? Your lives are sad.

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