Postmates Courier: “will publish national database of low/no tippers, and not deliver to them”

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H/T to @karmaofthewild for this tip! This -has- to be a joke, right? No, in fact the Postmate is already running a beta-version of this program for the city he works in. Even more shocking – we learned this was already the current practice in the Denver Postmates Facebook Group!

gabrielphotoSeeing is usually believing, but after seeing this tip, we had to go to the source, to confirm his true intentions – and yes, Postmates courier Gabriel Martinez fully intents on launching a shared system where fellow Postmates can report and track customers who either don’t tip, or tip lower than the Postmate feels is appropriate for the job. This shared database would be shared nationwide, among all postmates – and his goal is for any Postmates courier to be able to query the database before accepting a delivery job to that person/address, based on the previous tipping history.

In addition to working for Postmates, Gabriel is also a low level Realtor with Keller Williams in his town of Denver, Colorado. (I  don’t know many any successful realtors complaining about trying to live off tips from their side-job, do you?)

From Gabriel’s Post:

We should break out into groups by city, then post tips of the previous day. We can keep a running database of customers and how much they tip. This way when you accept a job and see who the customer is, if they are a notorious no or low dollar tipper, you can re-assign the job. No sense taking a job from someone we know that doesn’t tip. We can use google docs to put the list on the Facebook group page.

And of course, if he is rejecting and re-assigning jobs based on arbitary factors (or any factors) he is at risk of suspension, but he states he’ll take the gamble:



So exactly what information would be in this non-secure, non-company owned database? Most likely Customer’s names and addresses – as described below:

listaddress beta test

And then in the most interesting revelation of the night, by Bryant James Vander Weerd:

“We kinda already do this in the Denver page(group). I suggest everyone do it!”

denver page - we already do this

Despite everything else that was just said – can we get a response from Jordan Stutz – the Community Manager for the Denver group – and also a member of their ‘unofficial’ Facebook group. Jordan – how are you letting this happen, and better yet, Postmates corporate (@Basti??) – How are you allowing this to happen? Maybe this is part of the reason you got out of managing the Facebook groups by the company employees? Too much risk and liability?

And of COURSE, this is a violation of how they use the data that Postmates allows them temporary access to:

privacy iron itself out

And once again, Gabriel doesn’t care about his rejection rate, and – well, you can judge this for yourself:

reject most jobs

So, how do YOU feel about your Postmates courier putting your name, address, and tipping habits into a database shared among all Postmates, so that you may or may not get anything delivered to you in the future. Would you feel bullied into tipping? This can’t be a good turn of events for Postmates – and right under their CM’s eyes – How they are allowing this to continue we just can’t understand.

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So, how do you feel about tipping your Postmates courier, now?

Once, again, thanks to @karmaofthewild for the tip!


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One Thought to “Postmates Courier: “will publish national database of low/no tippers, and not deliver to them””

  1. India Warner

    Wow they are really concerned with tips, how strange. I ring in Postmates go orders night after night, put the orders together, bag, add condiments, plastic ware & take their payment without a tip ever! I lose money every time as I am by law required to claim tips to IRS according to sales I ring up. Stand up company, lol

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