April Pulley WILL Pepper Spray Your Dog (& Wild Turkeys), And Won’t Apologize!

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pooch sprayedEast Nashville Resident April Pulley will not hesitate to pepper spray neighborhood animals, including your dog, even if it just got our of his area while you were asleep or at work and it was coming to greet her 75lb dog(Jean Luc) that she was walking at the time. In fact, by her own words, the dog was in control, not attacking, and she used her pepper spray on this innocent animal – and says she would do it again, and doesn’t apologize for the most recent incident – which was NOT the first time she’s considered using pepper spray on animals (more on that below). She chronicled the animal cruelty on both her personal page, and the East Nashville Facebook group – here’s the initial post:

Note in the post she admits she had already “pulled him out”(referencing her dog), and the overly excited stranger dog was not a threat at this point – yet she still pepper sprayed him, as punishment, not as anything to break up a fight or overly excited greeting – as by her own words, he dog was around pulled away from the other dog, and they could have simply went on their morning walk, or perhaps she could have used a verbal command? With her multiple references on wanting to pepper spray animals in the past few months, we are assuming she’s never been on the horrible receiving end of a pepper spray stream.

april pulley pepper sprays dog east nashville

In a comment, she admits her dog is 75 pounds – and she had no real need for it, but carries it anyways – which sounds more like animal abuse than protection, certainly she has already admitted her, nor her dog, were in any real danger in the above incident, but she sprayed the dog out of spite. Perhaps it was Aerial Development branded pepper spray?

75 lb dog

She even gave her dog a treat when she got home – which we suppose is acceptable since it was her own behavior which was horrible and shouldn’t be rewarded.


She even continues on bragging about spraying the dog:

free spray

This wasn’t even the first time she’s considered assaulting an animal with a chemical spray – back in February she considered packing some mace to spray the turkeys with on her way into the office from the parking lot. Seriously? You can’t handle a turkey without chemical abuse?

mace turkkeys

im not sorry april pully PETA dog pepper spray nashville

A post from April Pulley in July accurately sums up her entire persona, stating that she spends her nights going to neighborhood association meetings and writing “stern emails” to councilmen.

april pulley badass

The text of her original post reads:

“To the man who’s dog I pepper sprayed this morning, I’M NOT SORRY! When your unleashed, no-collard Rottweiler approached my dog and I on the sidewalk, I stopped while he approached and let our dogs sniff each other rather than risk running by him. When he growled and jumped on my dog, I did what I had to do. My dog wears a harness for this specific reason. I pulled him out and pepper spray went in. Although you pulled up from work after the worst was over and attempted to defuse the situation, this is why there are leash laws. I’m sure your dog isn’t a bad dog, but leash laws are for his protection too. My dog and I are fine, but the situation could have been avoided. Hopefully everyone learned something.”

'Jean Luc' - April Pulley's dog, for size comparison and relevance.
‘Jean Luc’ – April Pulley’s dog, for size comparison and relevance.

Just to be complete, here’s a crazy wild turkey in a parking lot.

wild turkey

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