Is Your Handyman a Felon? Meet Billy Winkle

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Every day there are new people popping up in neighborhood groups on social media, offering handyman type services, you let them into your home to do the work, but do you really know who they are? Many of us ask for references, but do we know if they have a criminal history, or are violent? Do we do the most basic of background searches before hiring them for a job? Do we care if they are licensed and insured? While none of that may be as cheap as a cash and ‘no questions asked’ handyman, one slip-and-fall or tumble off a deck, or similar incident, and a homeowner can find themselves out tens of thousands of dollars, and in court for months.

One handyman has been offering his services in neighborhood groups, reappeared in the East Nashville group today, his name is Billy Winkle. His post is quite simple:

Never does he mention that he’s on state(Felony) probation until 2022, or that his charges include the following:

03/22/2016 Assault, Domestic w/Bodily Injury (MISD) CLOSED: INDICTED
12/14/2016 Agg Assault – Strangulation – Intentional (FELONY) GUILTY
03/02/2016 Domestic assault, by offensive/provocative conduct (MISD) GUILTY
03/09/2017 Probation Violation GUILTY

For the Guilty charges above, Winkle must complete a dual 26-Week Batterers’ Intervention Program (BIP) & Substance Abuse Program, and 6 YEARS of state supervised probation in lieu of 6 years at CCA (Suspended), and a ‘stay away’ order from the victim.

Two moths ago, in March, he appeared for a violation of probation. The judge conceded the violation, restarted the probation, gave him time services (9 Days 5 hours while waiting for his court date), and he is now to complete a 52-week BIP (Doubled)

On top of his criminal history – there are no city, county, or state records that show he is operation a legal business, or has any type of insurance or bond for his work, or business license – always a red flag when choosing a handyman. We were able to confirm with Winkle that he does not have any business license or bonding/insurance:

East Nashville, make up your own mind, be he won’t be working on our home anytime soon. Here’s his full criminal history from the clerk’s office, so you can be a make a fully informed decision:

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While we can’t speak to the exact conditions of Winkle’s state probation, with the addition of the now 52 week BIP program, it likely contains provisions that prevent the drinking of alcohol,something which He posts frequently about on social media, with photos:

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