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Nashville Uber/Lyft Driver Christopher Redman has an upcoming court date on June 29th, to answer to charges that occurred a few weeks ago, on 02/23. Those charges include DUI & Implied Consent. He continues to drive and carry passengers, despite the charge, and continues to drink at bars and post about it on social media. So what was he doing in the hours before that he became so drunk that he (reportedly) passed out at the wheel in the middle of traffic on West End Ave? It seems that prior to his arrest (which was around 3:30AM per night court records), he had been invited to watch the Bellamy Brothers at John Rich’s CRS Party – the VIP guest list invite was gift from a ride-share passenger. He posted this picture just 4 hours before his arrest, from the event:

Here’s the MNPD report on the incident that let to Redman’s arrest:

“Officers received a call regarding a red Nissan Pathfinder stopped in traffic with the driver asleep at the wheel. Upon arrival officers located the defendant, who was identified by his TN driver’s license, asleep behind the wheel of a red Nissan Pathfinder (TN tag z5846c) in front of 2613 West End Av. The vehicle was still running, but was in park. Officers woke the defendant and he refused to exit the vehicle. After he was removed from the vehicle the defendant became belligerent and was making incoherent statement. The defendant had the obvious odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath, was unsteady on his feet, had bloodshot and watery eyes, and displayed slurred speech. The defendant appeared to be heavily intoxicated. The defendant refused to perform field sobriety tasks. He was read the TN implied consent law and refused to submit to a chemical test. The defendant was read Miranda rights and refused to answer any questions.”

Just to confirm that there was not more than one Christopher Redman that drove for ride-sharing companies in Nashville, we were able to match his address on the Bonding/PreTrial log to a previous photo he posted publicly on social media with his address. Ironically enough, the photo was of a package shipped from Uber to his home.

Here’s the PDF of the affidavit, and his list of charges:

As you can see, he continues to drive for Uber & Lyft, over 8 hours on many days according to his multiple posts, as recently as this weekend:

Just two days before his arrest, he was trying out a new bar, and writing a scathing review on Facebook of the bar, saying he would to back to his previous bar going forward. According to his timestamps, there are times the bar stops and driving hours are extremely close together.

Redman has issues with customers as well as bars – in several documented cases he’s canceled rides and made customers leave this vehicle:

He once even blasted these passengers on social media, including posting their faces online for everyone to see – this was a Lyft ride:


He often gets way too involved in his passengers lives:

And he even calls MNPD on people, thinking one of his passenger was going to ‘rape’ someone. Seriously?

Next time you get a Lyft/Uber Driver, check the name, and know who is driving you. Now you know Christopher Redman. If you have a tip such as this one, email us or use our contact form to let us know!



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