Andrea Kimberly Roscoe: Cosmetology Without A License

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If you are going to advertise that you are ‘licensed’ for a particular field, then you should actually be licensed in that field. In the world of open data in 2017, these things are verifiable with a couple of touches on a smartphone. Yet people still make claims, despite them being outright lies. I love a good deal on a hair cut & style – so when Andrea Kimberly Roscoe posted in the East Nashville Facebook group earlier that she was not only licensed, but would “come to me”, i was SOLD. She mentioned in the post “and I’m a licensed freelance hairstylist here in East Nashville!” so of course, I wanted to verify to make sure – and I was sad to find out that not only did she not currently have a license in Tennessee – she never even completed her application to get one. It expired during the process of applying.

Below is her post on social media, advertising her services and stating she is licensed.

Details of her expired application for a license:

We have reach out to the state licensing board for comment.

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