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STARLITO, also known as Jermain Shute, is reportedly currently on the run from police after allegedly shooting an individual he had an argument with inside the East Nashville restaurant, Batter’d & Fried. According to witnesses, Starlito was one of two suspects that fled the scene, and the victim was able to ‘hobble’ out to be transported to a local hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Police have not yet confirmed the identity of the suspect.

BREAKING: Starlito AKA Jermaine Shute is in Custody.

BREAKING: An arrest warrant has just been issued charging Jermaine Shute (AKA STARLITO), 32, with agg assault & unlawful gun possession for Tuesday’s Shooting. He is currently out on bail from a previous harassment charge.

Here is the original BOLO broadcast over the scanner on Tuesday night:

ALERT/BOLO: Shooting – Woodland and S 10 St area.
Suspect #1, Male, Black, 6′, small goatee, white shirt with Gucci written on it, red ball cap, jeans, white tennis shoes.
Suspect #2, Male, Black, Heavyset, Dreads, black shirt. Suspects fled in a silver BMW car, fresh damage on passenger side.

Starlito, of Buckpasser Ave, in Antioch, is currently out on bail from a harassment charge earlier in the month, described as below, for which he has a court date pending for 08/16:

The victim stated that on 07/11/2017, throughout the day, the suspect[STARLITO] sent him at least 10 threatening text messages and at least 5 threatening instant messages on Instagram. The victim stated that the suspect[STARLITO] stated that the victim owed him money and that the suspect[STARLITO] was going to kill him. At one point the suspect[STARLITO] stated “somebody is going to die tonight”. The suspect[STARLITO] also sent the victim a picture of himself standing next to the victim’s car with a gun. The victim stated that he does not know the suspect but is worried the suspect will try to hurt him.




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