Starlito Sued for Not Paying CD Duplication Company – $4,574.08 Default Judgment

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In an exclusive report, has learned in 2009 New Life Digital Media (now Music City Replication) duplicated CDs and performed other services for Starlito (Jermaine Shute) that he refused to pay for. This was a standard transaction, like any other in the industry – except Starlito wouldn’t pay the bill for services rendered and product delivered, according to a sworn affidavit. In April of 2009 New Life Digital Media sued Jermaine Shute (Starlito) in General Sessions Civil Court in Nashville, TN.

Starlito wasn’t served until he signed for certified mail, on May 10th, and that mail contained the civil summons for his 09/10/09 court date  – however Starlito didn’t show up for court.  Judge Holt entered a default judgment against Starlito (Shute) for the full amount of $4,574.08. 

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Within a few days of the default judgment, a garnishment was served on his known bank accounts in US Bank, however by the time it was served, there was no account with US Bank. Three years later, on 04/19/2012, court records indicate that payment was made on the judgment, and it was satisfied in full, & a credit bureau letter was issued. There is another notation on the account of ‘Judgment Satisfied’ in January of 2017.

Starlito (Jermaine Shute) is scheduled to appear in court on 08/17/17 & 09/08/17 to answer for his most recent shooting incident, as well as the preceding harassment charge.

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