Starlito’s Harassment Case DISMISSED 08/24

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Starlito (Jermaine Shute) was charged with harassment of Robert E Higgins on 07/12, before the incident when he allegedly shot James Fletcher at East Nashville restaurant Batter’d & Fried. On Thursday (08/24) The harassment case was dismissed by Judge Aaron Holt on the 9AM docket.

Here was the original sworn affidavit from Robert E Higgins, who has since been featured on event flyers & social media on events that Starlito promoted:

The victim stated that on 07/11/2017, throughout the day, the suspect sent him at least 10 threatening text messages and at least 5 threatening instant messages on Instagram. The victim stated that the suspect stated that the victim owed him money and that the suspect was going to kill him. At one point the suspect stated “somebody is going to die tonight”. The suspect also sent the victim a picture of himself standing next to the victim’s car with a gun. The victim stated that he does not know the suspect but is worried the suspect will try to hurt him.

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