Selling Marijuana Edibles Online in Nashville: Feeding the Need on Social Media

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When we received a tip that marijuana “edibles” were being sold online here in Nashville, we thought it was probably in a private or closed group on social media, only shared to  trusted friends & individuals. While we did find that was a majority of the cases, there was one glaring exception. One particular individual has taken her homemade edibles business pubic – very public, in fact  – and doing so just days after her Davidson County probation ended last month.

Via Instagram, Snapchat, and most notably on the much more public Facebook – both on a public profile and in public groups, Victoria Barbee (Who goes by “KolouredTipz ByTori” online) is mixing, baking, marketing, & selling what are described as marijuana “edibles” to all of Nashville. In addition to her ‘edibles’ business, which she markets on social media several times per week, as recently as Thursday morning, also runs an unlicensed hair and nails business out of her home. She did apply for a cosmetology license, but the application has since expired, and was never approved by the state of TN, yet she continues to do hair and nails, and has no business, tax, or occupancy license in Nashville, or anywhere else in the state. Obviously there is no such license even available for her marijuana edibles business, and there are no business tax records in her name, either.

TN State Cosmetology License Status

According to her social media posts, current pricing for her ‘edibles’ are:

  • Cookies: 2/$15
  • Brownies: $10/ea
  • Blueberry Muffins: $10/ea
  • Fruity Pebble Cereal Bars: $10/ea
  • While there, you can also get a full set of acrylic nails for $30!



Barbee does have some charges and convictions in Davidson County, as well as some in LaVergne, however none appear to be drug related.







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