FELONY HEROIN ARREST: Matthew ‘ShipWreck’ Shipley

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Matthew Shipley was arrested Friday night at 7:45PM for felony possession of heroin, along with an outstanding warrant for driving on a revoked license. As the officer searched him incident to arrest and found a folded up piece of paper containing power in his pocket, Shipley shook his head and said “it’s heroin”. The arrest happened because the vehicle, of which he was a passenter, was sitting suspiciously in a parking garage. Matthew Shipley states that the female driver had picked him up at the bus station after he had bought 1 gram of heroin for $170 in West Nashville, and his plan was to sell her some and to use it.

Shipley was released on the pre-trial program to a Madison address and will appear in court on 10/20/2017.

Shipley was ROR’d on what was a $50,000 bond out of Montgomery county for ‘THEFT OF PROPERTY – $10,000-$60,000’ and several other assorted other drug & theft charges for which he has upcoming court dates on 10/09 & 10/16, as well as a dozen similar previous charges in both Montgomery and Robertson counties.

On 09/29/2017 at approximately 1945, I was doing a parking garage check at the printers alley parking garage (314 Church st) due to the number of vehicle break in’s in the area. When I made it to the 5th floor of the parking garage I observed a tan Chevrolet S10 parked in the middle of the garage taking up two parking spaces. I also observed two subjects sitting inside. Due to the nature of the way the vehicle was parked and the two subjects inside, I made a terry stop. As I was exiting my patrol vehicle, both subjects in the vehicle started to make movements suggesting they were trying to hide items in the vehicle. I asked both the defendant (who was the passenger of the vehicle) and the driver for id’s in order to identify them. The defendant was identified by his Tennessee ID card only. An NCIC check of the defendant was done and the defendant was showing an outstanding warrant. The warrant was verified through DCSO warrants division. The defendant was then asked to step out of the car and was arrested for the warrant. During a search incident to arrest, I found a folded up piece of paper in the defendant’s right pocket. As I unfolded the paper, I observed a gray powdery substance that was consistent with that of heroine. As I was unfolding the paper, the defendant started to shake his head and state that the substance was heroine. Central precinct CSU (Crime Suppression Unit) was called to the scene and the defendant was read Miranda. The defendant stated he was picked up by the driver of the vehicle at the bus station (400 Charlotte Ave). The defendant stated that he bought 1 gram of heroine for $170 in west Nashville and brought it to the driver in order to sell her some and to use it. Due to the outstanding warrant, the drugs that were found on his person, and the statements that were made, the defendant was taken into custody and transported to booking without incident.

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