Woman Urinates in Nashville Uber – Driver Gets $80 for His Troubles

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Travis Clark was just starting his night of driving for Uber Friday night in Nashville, when around 7PM his first ride was a nice female rider in her fifties, on a ride that lasted about 40 minutes. Clark even says there was great conversation along the way. Everything was going well until she got out of his car at her destination. His passenger seat was covered in urine. Not a drip. Not a drop. Not a dribble. Saturated in Urine. And as she separated herself from the seat, the smell engulfed the vehicle.

Clark says he scrubbed the seat really well with Shout spray, and will use a shampooer on it. The passenger was charged $80 as a clean up fee, despite the standard uber fee of $150 for body fluids.

Clark disputed the amount with Uber, however they denied his appeal. There is no word on the identity of the woman.

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