Nashville inmate threw urine into correctional officer’s face

Inmate Chad Edwards, 24, who is serving his first year, of a six-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter, now faces an additional charge of assault of an officer after he tossed urine on her face, also resulting in another inmate doing the same.

Moving company returned furniture with “urine, fecal matter, and apparent vomit” lawsuit alleges

A local couple arranged for All My Sons Moving & Storage to store their household items in their secure, climate controlled facility, while they sold one home and built another. When everything was delivered to their new home, it was nearly all “damaged or destroyed” with damage from “urine, fecal matter, apparent vomit, cigarette burns…” & more, according to a newly filed lawsuit. 

Woman Urinates in Nashville Uber – Driver Gets $80 for His Troubles

Travis Clark was just starting his night of driving for Uber Friday night in Nashville, when around 7PM his first ride was a nice female rider in her fifties, on a ride that lasted about 40 minutes. Clark even says there was great conversation along the way. Everything was going well until she got out of his car at her destination. His passenger seat was covered in urine. Not a drip. Not a drop. Not a dribble. Saturated in Urine. And as she separated herself from the seat, the smell…