COURT: No, Angela Pritchard, You Can’t Print Your Own Money Orders. That’s Not How This Works.

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Angela Pritchard will be in court on Friday, to answer to charges of printing her own money orders. The actual charge is ‘Criminal Simulation over $1,000’, and it’s a Felony. Here’s what happened.

Over the summer, Angela Pritchard was fired from Twice Daily. However, earlier this month she returned to there, just before 2AM one morning, went behind the counter and began to print money orders. She printed 5 money orders, for a $300 each, for a total of $1500, and then left the location. An employee on duty at the time witnessed her do this, though it is unclear why he didn’t stop her, though he did report the incident to his supervisor later that day.

Security footage was reviewed, and it was confirmed to be Pritchard printing the orders. The money orders were able to be stopped before they were cashed.

Previously, Pritchard was arrested for biting another female in the face back in June.

MNPD Affidavit:

The Defendant was observed on camera footage going behind the cash register at Twice Daily (2112 Charlotte Ave) and producing fraudulant money orders. The Defendant produced five separate money orders for $300each (total of $1500). The Defendant was terminated from her position at this location about two months ago. She returned to the location and was observed by an employee, the witness, Jeremy Lyon, going behind the register and producing money orders then leaving the location. The incident occurred at 0145 hrs on 11/01/2017 and the witness reported the incident to his supervisor later that morning. The District Manager, Stephen Glidewell, reviewed the camera footage, where he was able to positvely identify the Defendant and saw her printing out money orders. Mr. Glidewell then confirmed the money orders were produced by the Defendant and put a hold on the money orders before the Defendant could cash them.

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