Cloud IX, LLC Dissolved By State, Still Operating while Not Paying Rent

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Cloud IX, LLC – the legal business entity for registered by the state of TN for tax, insurance, and other legal purposes, located at 3807 Gallatin Pike, and registered by Erica Fenton, was administratively dissolved by the State of Tennessee for failing to properly file an annual report with the state. Businesses that are dissolved are also not paying any taxes, as they are not an active legal business. They also cannot operate legally under the business name, as it is inactive/dissolved by the state, nor can they enter legally binding contracts under the business name, such as new security companies, etc, as the LLC.

Cloud IX, LLC has was administratively dissolved by the state on 08/06/2017, and no Annual Report was ever received. The AR was due on 04/01/2017.

Eviction proceedings were started on Cloud IX by the property owner, just days before the deadly shooting, for failure to pay rent. At the time of the filing, they were $175,712.28 behind in rent.

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