Prostitution Arrest: Leslie MyHand (Legal Name) – Oral Sex for Car Ride

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Has anyone ever used Backpage when it WASN’T a sting? Some folks haven’t gotten the memo. Leslie Myhand was arrested for prostitution in Nashville on Thursday in a Backpage sting. She had placed an ad on Backpage and met the undercover officer as she was leaving the hotel. Leslie Myhand agreed to give the officer oral sex in exchange for a car ride.

Myhand was also charged with criminal impersonation as she initially gave a false name and was cited, then officers recognized her face on the hot warrants sheet. She was arrested on the above charges as well as 2 additional open warrants for failure to be booked on state citations.

Backpage ad VS. Actual Selfie

Leslie Myhand is being held on $6,000 bond and will have a review hearing this morning with Judge Blackburn.

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2 Thoughts to “Prostitution Arrest: Leslie MyHand (Legal Name) – Oral Sex for Car Ride”

  1. Mike

    Wait, isn’t criminal prostitution supposed to involve some exchange of funds?

    Barter must be bad cuz the gov can’t tax those transactions either.

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