ARREST: Matthew Turntine Steals $2,115 from Employer, Easy Pawn | Forgery & Theft

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Matthew Turntine, an employee of Easy Pawn, was arrested on Wednesday after admitting to internal investigators that he had stolen from his employer, and forged transactions.

According to police affidavits, Turntine admitted to an Easy Pawn investigator that he created a fake transaction of $75 in a frequent customer’s name, and took the cash from the fake transaction for himself. For this, Turntine has been charged with Forgery <$1,000.

In a second arrest warrant, Turntine admits to taking items from the pawn shop he worked at, and pawning them at other pawn shops in Nashville. The total amount of the fake loan transaction and the items stolen and pawned is $2,115.00. He has also been charged with Theft of Property >$1,000.

Bond was set at $4,000 total, and Turntine bonded out via Grumpy’s. He will have a court date on 01/26 for an initial appearance. Turntine has 3 prior charges for a suspended license.

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