ARREST: Dear Timothy West, STOP Assaulting Women. Signed, Nashville.

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Timothy West was arrested (yet again) on Wednesday for his issues with relationships and women. This time he texted an ex-girlfriend (We’ll call her “A”), asking to get back together, to which she said ‘no’, she wasn’t interested. A little later, Timothy West busted through the back door of her apartment, where she lives with her mother and three children. He found “A” in the living room with her children, and threatened to hit her in the face if she did not get back together with him romantically. Her mother was able to sneak outside and call police while West was distracted.

West has a long history of assault charges, including when he got into an argument was a previous girlfriend, (who we’ll call “B”),  about cooking chicken. In this case, per police reports, he grabbed “B’s” throat and choked her, and she stated she could not breathe. West then took her cell phone so she could not call police, and she was unable to get it back until the next morning when he was asleep, so she could call 911. Police found a busted lip, a bruise to her chest, and soreness to her neck and throat.

In a relationship prior to the above one, (whom we’ll call victim “C”), Timothy West dated a woman for about 2 weeks, and cheated on her, so she ended the relationship. A few days later, “C” was getting in her car to leave her apartment, and West suddenly appeared. He took out a black handgun, and said that she better get out of the complex, because he was going to shoot up the entire complete, and that he didn’t care who was in it. She called 911, to which he stated “go ahead and call them, I don’t care”.

Before that relationship, there was victim “D”. This victim has a child with West, and he was convicted of attempting to hit her with a vehicle, strangling her, and pushing her to the ground, and hitting her with other objects.

While victim “D” was still pregnant, Timothy West got into an argument with her, where he also grabbed her by the throat and began choking her, struck her with the door when he left, which also shattered. That was 9 years ago, and his 2017 charge is almost identical. Nearly a decade, and he hasn’t changed.

Dear Timothy West,



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