The 12/21 Z-Mart Murder: Caused by a $1200 Loss in a Game of Chance – Here’s What Happened.

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Details have been released on the sequence of events in the murder of Louis Lisi on 12/21 on Clarksville Pike in Nashville.

The victim, Louis Lisi, was at the Z-Mart operating a game of chance out of a camper trailer. According to witnesses, Lisi’s game was similar to bingo. Players would earn points based on a series of rolling balls and the points could be exchanged for prizes, including a flat-screen television. The owner of the Z-Mart claims he only believed that Lisi was “selling toys” from the trailer.

William Fox was seated in a car near the game trailer and was acting as a security guard for Mr. Lisi, and Teresa Manning was in the trailer acting as an assistant to Mr. Lisi. From viewing video surveillance footage, MNPD was able to see that at approximately 10:20 PM 2 male blacks cross Clarksville Pike on foot walking toward the Z-Mart. One of the male blacks (Jamil Holloway) walks to the driver’s side of the security guards vehicle and fires shots from a handgun through the security guards window which struck the security guard in the head.

The other male black (Mardeus Phillips) fires shots into the trailer where Mr. Lisi and Ms. Manning were located causing them to exit the trailer. While Mr. Lisi was attempting to evade danger, both suspects began firing shots at him from handguns striking him and causing fatal injuries.

In Custody: Jamil Holloway

The store owner of the Z-Mart recognized the clothing of the suspects as being the same of two men that were in the store prior to this incident, one of which was angry about losing $1200.00 dollars at Mr. Lisi’s trailer. The store owner was able to pull video surveillance of the individuals he had seen in the store and the clothing and footwear worn by these guys and the shooters was a positive match. MNPD released photos of the suspects to news media, and with assistance from citizens, was able to identify the suspects as Jamil Holloway, MB, 08/31/1994 and Mardeus Phillips, MB, 01/03/1993. On 12/29/2017 a citizen called police to report that they had observed the men wanted for the murder at the Z-mart going inside xxxxx Jo Johnston Ave. Police responded to this location and located the defendant listed herein. While at the scene a citizen walked up to Detective Shannon and gave a statement that Jamil Holloway and Mardeus Phillips had previously made statements prior to the homicide of Mr. Lisi that they were going to kill and rob Mr. Lisi.

Wanted: Mardeus Phillips

When police were at the apartment on Jo Johnston, another wanted subject (Andrew Hamilton) ran inside the building. He was also wanted for questioning in relation to a homicide. He eventually came outside, and officers held the scene while permission to search the home was sought. While waiting Holloway ran out of the apartment and tried to evade officers. He was immediately recognized as Jamil Holloway, also wanted for questioning in the same homicide.  He was taken into custody, and once search permission was granted, officers found a stolen Remington .380 handgun that was recovered and turned over to the MNPD property room as evidence.

Jamil Holloway Charges:

  • Criminal Homicide – $1,000,000 bond
  • Attempted Criminal Homicide $500,000 bond
  • Theft of Property – $2,500 bond
  • Evading Arrest – $2,500 bond
  • Agg Assault – $10,000

Holloway has a 01/02/18 court appearance scheduled.

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2 Thoughts to “The 12/21 Z-Mart Murder: Caused by a $1200 Loss in a Game of Chance – Here’s What Happened.”

  1. Mike

    A bit of a taboo developed about publishing the race of, especially black, criminal subjects and commenters have been increasingly critical of this type of PC reporting but on this page their race is over mentioned multiple times with photos clearly showing who they are. What’s up with that?

    1. ENN Staff

      Hi Mike, the wording was copied directly from the court affidavit, nothing was changed from the way the police wrote it in their report. We report it the way it was written, for a few reasons, one of which is to point out instances of just what you describe. You can view the original report on the website here:

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