ARREST: Keinesa Lillard, Boosting Isn’t Your Bag. #ThoughtSheWasSmart

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Keinesa Renee Lillard was arrested on Friday, as she thought she could go unnoticed by using a ‘booster bag’ at Kohl’s to steal some purses. She thought wrong.

Just after lunch on Friday, 01/19/18, Keinesa Lillard was observed by store loss prevention placing a purse for sale into the foil-lined bag she was carrying. When stopped by loss prevention as she was trying to exit the building, she ran outside, and got into a green Camry. She didn’t make it far, however, as she was stopped by MNPD just down the road.

Once stopped, loss prevention joined MNPD at the scene and was able to identify Lillard and her female passenger in the car. A bag that was lined with aluminum foil (i.e. a booster bag) was located in the vechicle, along with the two stolen purses, under the front seats.

Keinesa Lillard was arrested and charged with Theft of Merchandise, Possession of Merchandise Theft Tool, and driving on a suspended license. Her bond was set at $1500, and she posted it via Jenkins Bonding, and was released to her Kelley Drive address. She will appear in court on 02/09/18.

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