Kacie Goins: 30 Days in Jail for Shoplifting $36 at Walmart w/Her Child

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Monday was not a good day for Kacie Goins. When she arrived in court to answer to a shoplifting charge, she was taken into custody for her role in an December 27th incident where she was charged with false imprisonment, and her partner Matthew Calhoun was charged the previous day with aggravated kidnapping. We’ll have more on those charges soon.

In today’s court case, Goins plead guilty to a ‘Theft of Merchandise’ charge from August. According to court records Goins was taken into custody by Walmart loss prevention, after she had concealed $36 worth of merchandise in a art and attempted to leave the store. She passed all points of sale with no indication she intended to purchase the items.

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At the time of arrest, Kacie Goins has her 10-month old daughter with her, and also in her custody was her 16 year old sister. Going was charged with Theft of Merchandise and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.

In today’s plea deal, the contributing charge was dropped, and Kacie Goins plead guilty to the theft charge. Judge Aaron Holt sentenced her to 30 days in jail, to serve in it’s entirety (with 30 hours jail credit).

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