Quinn Harris arrested on 141st charge during Family Dollar Showdown

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You may remember Quinn Harris, who we covered back in August when he was arrested on his 125th charge in Nashville. He’s still been busy since then, and still been getting arrested, and he was arrested again on Sunday night – and he MIGHT spend some actual time in jail on this one.

Traditionally his charges have been shoplifting, petty theft, trespassing, etc.. but this weekend he escalated to aggravated assault w/deadly weapon. In case you’re keeping track at home, this will make his 141st charge in Nashville.

On Sunday afternoon (02/18) Officer Ehrhardt was dispatched to the Family Dollar on Jefferson St. The victim is the store manager, who stated that the defendant, Quinn Harris, repeatedly threatened to “stick” him with a metal object that he pulled from his pocket after being asked to leave the location. The victim asked the defendant to leave when he became disorderly, calling the two cashiers “bitches” and “hoes.”

The store manager explained that the defendant got in his face and started reaching in his back pocket. The victim attempted to create space and the defendant continued toward him after pulling a pointed object from his pocket, that he had mostly covered with his fist. The victim walked outside the store building and Quinn Harris followed. The defendant proceeded to pick up a metal rod that the victim stated was located on the side of the building. Quinn Harris pointed the metal rod at the victim and continued to do so while repeating, “I’m gonna stick you.”

Video surveillance footage showed the defendant reaching in his back left pocket while closely approaching the victim. The footage showed the defendant pointing a pointed object in the direction of the victim with his left hand. The footage shows the victim continuing to attempt to create distance between him and the defendant, and the defendant continuing to follow him. The footage also showed the defendant pointing a long, metal rod in the direction of the victim in front of the store’s entrance.

Quinn Harris was booked on Felony Aggravated Assault / Deadly Weapon, and is being held on a $10,000 bond. He will have a review hearing on 02/21/18.

Our Previous Coverage:

Meet Quinn Harris. Quinn was just arrested. Again. This was his 125th charge in Metro Nashville.

Five Fast Facts:

  • Total of 125 Charges (to-date)
  • 27 were dismissed, the remainder were some form of Guilty / Plea / etc.
  • First Charge: 06/30/1983
  • Most Recent: 07/31/2017
  • $43,619.30 in outstanding court fines & penalties.

View his 46 pages of charges below:

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