MNPD isn’t apologizing for arresting citizens on a felony charge repealed 2 years ago

Metro Nashville Police Public Affairs Manager Don Aaron says Officer Ronald Bright “acted in good faith” when, in June of 2021, he arrested a citizen and charged with them with felony “habitual motor offender”, a law that was repealed by the state legislature over two years ago which carried a punishment of up to 6 years in prison. A magistrate even signed the warrant, jailed the citizen, and required them to post a large cash bond to get out of jail – on a charge that no longer existed. Scoop: Nashville learned this scenario has played out over 20 times in the last 17 months, leaving citizens at a loss for the money spent for high cash bond amounts, towing/storage fees, public humiliation, lost wages & jobs, and other expenses due to the invalid arrests.

Mother charged with 4th DUI on way to pick up 5-year-old child

28-year-old Candice Nicole Gamble remains jailed on a $22,000 bond today, after a Friday night arrest charging her with DUI – 4th Offense, at which time she told police she was on the way to pick up her five-year-old child.

Quinn Harris arrested on 141st charge during Family Dollar Showdown

You may remember Quinn Harris, who we covered back in August when he was arrested on his 125th charge in Nashville. He’s still been busy since then, and still been getting arrested, and he was arrested again on Sunday night – and he MIGHT spend some actual time in jail on this one. Traditionally his charges have been shoplifting, petty theft, trespassing, etc.. but this weekend he escalated to aggravated assault w/deadly weapon. In case you’re keeping track at home, this will make his 141st charge in Nashville. On Sunday…

Nashville Man Has 66th Charge Dismissed in Nashville Saturday (49th Public Intox Dismissed) – 159 Total Charges

On Saturday, Edward Albert Batson, 65, was arrested, for his 159th charge in Nashville – and for the 66th time, the charge was dismissed. Are we so overcrowded that we are just dismissing minor charges, sometimes before they even get past intake/holding? It seems if you have 49 charges for public intoxication – at some point should you stop making the arrests, or petition the court for mandated rehab? Instead Nashville is just turning them back onto the street, without help or supervision, just charges dismissed.   159 charges in…

Quinn Harris: Arrested on 125th Charge in Nashville

Meet Quinn Harris. Quinn was just arrested. Again. This was his 125th charge in Metro Nashville. Five Fast Facts:   Total of 125 Charges (to-date) 27 were dismissed, the¬†remainder were some form of Guilty / Plea / etc. First Charge: 06/30/1983 Most Recent: 07/31/2017 $43,619.30 in outstanding court fines & penalties. View his 46 pages of charges below: