Ryan Fogarty: “I’m not sick, I’m DRUNK!” – Blows .24 BAC DUI Arrest

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Ryan Fogarty was arrested for DUI on Sunday night around 8 PM, as she crashed into a stop sign in a parking lot. Nashville Fire Department responded and thinking she was possibly ill and had been injured, but she greeted them with “I’m not sick, I’m drunk!”, according to their report.

Fogarty, 31, was involved in a single vehicle crash versus a stop sign in a parking lot. She self-identified as the driver and NFD personnel actually had to put the vehicle in park and take the keys prior to police arrival. Fire department personnel initially made contact with her fearing she was ill or injured and detected a presence of alcohol. When MNPD arrived, relayed what Fogarty had told them, “I’m not sick, I’m drunk!”

MNPD reports an odor of alcoholic beverage was coming from her person. She had watery eyes, slurred speech and had to be assisted in maintain her balance multiple times. She told police she had 3 shots of Vodka prior to attempting to go to O’Charley’s to get some food. She agreed to perform field sobriety tests and gave numerous indicators of impairment. She was read the implied consent form and agreed to provide a breath sample. Her breath test results indicated a .24 BAC. A small empty bottle of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey was in the vehicle behind the driver seat as well.

Fogarty was booked into custody, an initial $2,000 bond was set, however she was released on the pre-trial program and will appear in court on the charge of DUI on 03/02/18.

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  1. Joe Blow

    At least she’s honest. I can respect an honest drunk.

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