EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Katie Quackenbush You Don’t Know

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In mid December, Katie Quackenbush contacted EastNashville.news. This was just after her rather public spat with WSMV and initially she wanted to bring some publicity to her interactions with them (you can see that story here), however as the conversation continued, she began to open up, we did a full interview and we saw a side of Katie Quackenbush that was much different that what we had witnessed in the weeks and months prior.

In her version of events that happened on the night she shot a man in Nashville, she also now states that Melton “kept attacking me” after she shot him.. something that may not match up with the events as presented so far. Here’s some of our conversation, which spanned 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon.

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Our conversation with Katie started with an Instagram alert, which made verifying who we were talking to pretty simple. In fact she sent us some real-time candid photos of her on her farm, where she is currently living in Texas.

One of the first things that Quckenbush wants to set straight is that she is not ‘white’, as she was characterized as a rich white spoiled girl. She says “First off, I’m not white. I’m a card holding Native American, and my father’s family is straight from Italy”. She goes on to say that she had no contact with her father for the past 5 year, until the incident, and says she never got money from him. She says she had a baby at 19 and has struggled since then, which is why she became a stripper, in her own words. More specifically, she says she was unable to afford rent in Nashville as a single mother, so she began stripping to provide for her son.

Katie Quackenbush also wanted to clear the air about her Porsche that was mentioned in nearly every headline about the shooting. She says that it wasn’t from her father, as everyone assumes, however it was bought during the period they were not speaking. According to her, she bought the Porsche from her own savings from dancing, and help from a Persian ‘Sugar Daddy developer, in Nashville.


Quackenbush says she went into the Cox dealership in Nashville to buy the Porsche, and was treated “like shit” from her appearance, and assumed she couldn’t afford it. She says she called ‘The Persian’ sugar daddy about the situation, and walked out with the Porsche.

According to her, she says she was never an escort. The way she explains it is that another stripper made the post to get her fired, due the strict regulations with keeping a license to strip in Nashville. We can confirm that the phone number associated to the escort ads was indeed linked to a fellow dancer’s social media accounts – so this seems to check out. It was however, enough to get her fired from that club.

She also states that the version of the mugshot that MNPD published was when she was putting her glasses back on, explaining why it got so much attention.

Katie goes on to explain how she feels about the current case against her, now claiming she was “attacked”…

She continues that the girl with her, Samantha Hill, was threatened by police, according her her. She claims that if Hill didn’t agree to say what MNPD wanted to her, they would charge her the same as Katie. She even says that her father has Hill on tape, with a completely different version of events than what she told MNPD:


The story of how she became friends with Samantha Hill is quite unique – according to Quackenbush, she was dating a Nashville musician, and as it turned out he was also seeing Samantha Hill. Hill had messaged her on Facebook, they grabbed a drink to discuss the situation, and became best friends for the next year and a half.

She goes on to describe her arrest and the warrant they got for her social media:

According to Quackenbush, she would frequently give away money to the homeless. She seems to use this to justify that she would be unable to dislike a homeless person:

At this point, the interview went into what I can only describe as “entering the crazy zone”.  She described some of the emails that seemed to indicate a pretty obvious break in reality for the man she shot. She produced emails that he had sent his son, and others, that clearly display signs of mental issues.

I then asked Katie Quackenbush if they called the police after the shooting, and she suddenly became careful about her phrasing, which up until now had been very free flowing. She did say that Melton “kept attacking me” after he was shot, and screaming that he was going to kill her.

Our conversation that random Saturday afternoon spanned a little over 3 hours, sometimes with several minutes between replies. She also forwarded us some emails from her dad, in regards to Melton’s mental state, and for further verification. Most of the conversation was kept light, as she seemed to be looking for someone to talk to, about everything she hadn’t been able to say. Then toward the end of our conversation, she dropped a bomb – Katie Quackenbush says she’s pregnant.

03/27 UPDATE: We have since found out that since this interview in December, Katie is no longer pregnant. 

Shortly after our conversation she once again deactivated her Instagram, and removed her rants about WSMV and Nashville, but we were able to archive them all. Only time will tell what this court case has in store for Katie Quackenbush, but if she’s taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. The girl that was once a stripper in Nashville, is now living on the family farm in Texas, and she seems very ‘comfortable’ in that space.


This is the new face of Katie Quackenbush, the Mom:


09/17/18 Edit: For privacy concerns, we removed the full name of a person mentioned in a conversation above.

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One Thought to “EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Katie Quackenbush You Don’t Know”

  1. Tucker Flight

    It is very clear from reading this piece, that Katie Quackenbush is indeed not such a bad person after all. She is willing to TAKE responsibility for her past mistakes, including shooting the sleepy homeless dude.

    Further, it is clear that Katie Quackenbush is in fact, a humanitarian. She cares about her fellow human being. It comes from the heart, this love for humanity.

    All the past arrests, the past trouble – that’s in the past.

    Now, Nashville and America can truly see what kind of person Katie Layne Quackenbush is. She’s a lover, not a hater.

    Katie is a true gift to humanity. I thank her.

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