Katie Quackenbush vs. WSMV: “F**k the hillbilly news there”

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Last Thursday, Dec 7th, Katie Quackenbush’s father (Jesse) emailed WSMV journalist Kara Apel about a story that she published. He said that she was “pathetic” and hoped that “someday you find yourself confronted by a psychotic man threatening to kill you on a dark street”. Katie Quackenbush is charged with the attempted murder of Gerald Melton.

Then things got interesting. Apel forwarded the email to WSMV lawyers, who replied with essentially a cease and desist notice, inferring that further direct contact would escalate things legally after the notice to stop. WSMV’s lawyer also copied Quackenbush’s local defense team of the infraction.

You would think at this point, things would have calmed down, however they infuriated Katie Quackenbush even more. She made a brief return to social media (in late November she was in a Texas jail for a few days serving out the remainder of a prior sentence) to give her take on the notice from WSMV’s lawyers, posting a copy of the letter to her Instagram, and adding the following notation:

“This is how untrue and biased the news is. We simply message them about how they are inaccurately reporting the news and they act like they are threatened. What do you think it feels like to be attacked by a 6’1 homeless man in a dark street who has known mental issues cocksuckers!!! Fuck Tennessee for protecting men who abuse and threaten women…. fuck the hillbilly news there.”

Just a couple of hours after the above was posted to her Instagram account, Katie Quackenbush contacted us here at EastNashville.news, and we chatted for several hours, and will be using some of that conversation for an upcoming article. In the mean time, here is the email between the WSMV lawyer and Quackenbush.

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3 Thoughts to “Katie Quackenbush vs. WSMV: “F**k the hillbilly news there””

  1. Paige

    Any updates? I’d love to read the piece you’re following up with.

  2. […] spat with WSMV and initially she wanted to bring some publicity to her interactions with them (you can see that story here), however as the conversation continued, she began to open up, we did a full interview and we saw a […]

  3. A. Riddle

    This chick had been enabled in her attitude and anger issues by her daddy, obviously. She has a history of violent behavior, and she hasn’t been convicted yet because of ‘daddy’.I hope she gets a decent sentence, at least 10 years, this time. That would prove you can’t buy your way out of everything. Maybe she’d then learn that there’s consequences to actions. She sounds and looks like a trashy whore. I don’t care who you are- you can’t just pull out a gun and shoot someone because you feel you’re being bothered!

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