Timeline: 29yo Naked Gunman kills 4 in Antioch Waffle House Shooting

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Here’s the latest: 6 people were shot, 4 people are dead and 2 more were injured as a gunman who was naked under a coat opened fire at the Waffle House in Antioch.

MNPD prepare to search Reinking’s Apartment

At 3:19 AM Sunday morning, Travis Reinking, 29, of Morton, IL, parked his truck at the Antioch Waffle House, and sat for just under 4 minutes.

At 3:23 AM Travis Reinking exited his vehicle, naked except for a green jacket containing additional ammunition, and carrying what MNPD describes as an “assault-style rifle”, though the gun has not yet been examined as the crime scene is frozen. He started shooting in the parking lot, immediately killing 2 people, including 1 Waffle House employee. An additional person died after treatment at Vanderbilt, just before 8AM.

Rifle used by gunman


Police search the complex where Travis Reinking lives

Reinking then entered the Waffle House and continued shooting, killing 1 additional person on scene. A 29 year old Waffle House patron was watching from the restroom area, and when there seemed to be a problem with the gunman’s rifle and he was looking at it, the patron rushed him, and wrestled the gun away, and threw it over the counter into the cook’s area.

Reinking then fled the area, south on Murfreesboro Pk, and as soon as he got to the corner of the intersection, he shed the green jacked with the additional ammunition and was completely naked. He lives at an apartment near the Waffle House, and made it to his apartment to get some pants, before continuing to flee.

He was last seen running along the TVA power lines near the apartment complex, through the wooded area, wearing only the black pants.

Reinking’s apartment roped off

Federal authorities had knowledge of Reinkein from previous incidents, and are on scene to assist.



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