Clerk pulls gun on customers at DB Todd Market – Tadress Ishak Arrested

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Tadress N Ishak, a 22 year-old clerk from the DB Todd Market, was arrested on Friday, after he pulled a gun on multiple customers when a refund was requested.

According to police reports, and eyewitness accounts, the employee named above was involved in a verbal argument with three customers, which he says was over them requesting a refund. During the argument the defendant pulled out a hand gun and pointed it at the three victims. When asked about the gun, the defendant stated that one of the victims made verbal threats and that he felt that he needed to defend himself. An independent witness stated that no one other than the defendant displayed a deadly weapon but everyone was yelling at each other.

[vc: Veronica Fitts]

There was a video recorded on a cell phone, which clearly showed Tadress Ishak pointing a handgun at the customers, who all stated they were in fear of being shot by the defendant. The handgun was found on the defendant’s right hip, in his waistband, without a holster. Based on the defendant’s statements, independent witnesses, victim’s statement and video evidence, the defendant was taken into custody.

Tadress Ishak was charged with 3 felony counts of “Assault, Aggravated – Deadly Weapon – Int/Kn”, and posted a $15,000 bond via Paul’s Bonding. He will appear in court on 06/06/2018.

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