Nashville Realtor Michael Rosinbum accused of “grooming” & “raping” child in civil suit

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WARNING: This article contains graphic details taken directly from court documents that you may find inappropriate or disturbing.

A civil lawsuit against Nashville Realtor & Church Deacon, Michael Rosinbum, was filed in circuit court Wednesday afternoon. The suit alleges that Rosinbum groomed & sexually assaulted a minor ‘Jane Doe’ over a number of years. A Nashville Grand Jury was presented with this case, and declined to indict him on 2 counts of rape and 2 counts of sexual battery, in December 2017. The victim has now filed a civil suit against him.

Rosinbum is listed as real estate agent with Keller Williams in Franklin, and is a USAF Vietnam veteran. He has a bachelor of Zoology from WSU, and according to his bio is a church deacon, and married with 2 children.

The lawsuit first defines that “Grooming” refers to the process by which a child sexual abuser draws a victim into a sexual relationship and maintains that relationship in secrecy. The lawsuit is filed by a 20 year old female, referred to as a ‘Jane Doe’, as it an option when filing this type of suit, with approval of the court, which was granted by a judge’s order.

The lawsuit seeks not less than $25,000 for battery that is described, not less than $25,000 for assault that is described , not less than $25,000 for intentional emotional distress, and not less than $25,000 for neglect infliction of emotional distress. The suit also seeks punitive damages, to be decided by a jury.

Here’s what the lawsuit claims happened:

The civil suit states that Jane Doe & Michael Rosinbum have known each other since on or before 2000, and claims that Michael Rosinbum has “groomed” Jane Doe since at least the year 2000. Jane Doe turned 18 in August of 2015. It goes on to say that from around 2000 until August of 2015, Rosinbum “groomed” Jane Doe by sizing up her venerability, emotional neediness, isolation, and confidence.

Jane Doe also says that during that time, Rosinbum groomed her by gaining her trust by watching and gathering information about her, mixing effortlessly with her caretakers to generate warm and calibrated attention. He developed a special relationship with Jane Doe to create situations in which they were alone together, further reinforcing the personal connection. During that time, he is said to have progressively sexualized their relationship. The relationship was kept secret by his insistence, in order to maintain control, according to Jane Doe.

The lawsuit claims the following happened before Jane Doe’s 18th Birthday (August 2015):

  • Michael Rosinbum sexual acts on the minor Jane Doe as part of a common scheme or pattern of child sexual abuse.
  • The sexual acts Michael Rosinbum performed on the minor Jane Doe included but are limited to penetrating her vagina with his penis, ejaculating inside of Jane Doe , ejaculating in front of Jane Doe, grinding Michael Rosinbum’s penis on Jane Doe’s body, instructing Jane Doe to grind her body on Rosinbum’s penis, kissing Jane Doe, removing Rosinbum’s clothing to partially and entirely naked, and removing Jane Doe’s clothing to be partially and entirely naked.

The lawsuit claims the following happened on May 16, 2017:

  • Michael Rosinbum & Jane Doe were at Rosinbum’s home where Rosinbum performed non-consensual sexual acts on Jane Doe as part of a common scheme or pattern of sexual abuse.
  • Michael Rosinbum and Jane Doe were cleaning the home as asked by Michael Rosinbum’s wife.
  • Michael Rosinbum approached Jane Doe while only wearing a towel.
  • Michael Rosinbum asked Jane Doe to rub a lotion Or Cream on his left shoulder.
  • Michael Rosinbum grabbed Jane Doe, controlling her body, not allowing her to leave.
  • Jane Doe physically and verbally resisted, pulling away, pushing away, saying, “I need to leave”
  • Michael Rosinbum laughed and commented how strong Jane Doe was.
  • Rosinbum, while holding and controlling Jane Doe , began pulling Jane Doe’s pants and underwear off while grunting and grinding against Jane Doe , and breathing heavily.
  • Jane Doe eventually stopped resisting and froze with fear.
  • Michael Rosinbum pulled Jane Doe’s shirt up to her shoulders.
  • Michael Rosinbum inserted his penis into the vagina of Jane Doe and eventually ejaculated inside of her.
  • Jane Doe broke away from Michael Rosinbum and dressed.
  • Jane Doe called her friend, told her friend that Michael Rosinbum had sexually assaulted her again, and asked the friend to come get her. Jane Doe asked her friend not to say anything to Michael Rosinbum about the attack when she arrived.
  • Jane Doe’s friend drove to Michael Rosinbum house.
  • Jane Doe’s friend helped Jane Doe and Michael Rosinbum finish the cleaning project for Rosinbum’s wife.
  • Jane Doe followed her friend to the friend’s house, each driving their own cars.

Here’s the suit, in full:










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