The Dog Spot files a NEW $1.2 Million Lawsuit for Defamation – Against Their Competitors.

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In the “we’ve been here before” file, The Dog Spot has now filed yet another lawsuit against someone it doesn’t like. Previously it has sued it’s customers for saying bad things in reviews, then Facebook users for saying bad things to each other, and all of those lawsuits went no where, and even the judge didn’t appear pleased with them. Now, they are suing their competitors… for saying bad things about them.

In March, a judge just dismissed a $2 million lawsuit, with prejudice, filed by The Dog Spot against people who talked about them on facebook in a negative way. Also in March, a judge dismissed another $2 million lawsuit, with prejudice, filed by The Dog Spot, against a customer who left a bad Yelp review, as seen below (from the court records):

The $2 million review The Dog Spot didn’t want you to see

More recently, they are being sued by the owner of the dog that died in their care, and The Dog Spot has also filed a new lawsuit against the owner of another dog involved in that incident.

In a 1.2 million dollar lawsuit filed Wednesday morning, the Dog Spot as a whole (East & West locations), are suing Nashville Tail Blazers, Devin Komline, Mutts & Meows, & Brianna Swanberg. Here’s what the lawsuit says, we hope your popcorn is freshly popped.

Chad & Andy Baker (Twins) – Owners of The Dog Spot & Frivolous Lawsuit Filers

Naturally, the lawsuit starts with them bragging about their business “The Dog Spot offers dog boarding, daycare, and grooming services at two locations in Nashville. It has been voted the best dog grooming and boarding/daycare facility for six years in a row by residents in the Nashville Scene’s readers’ poll.”

Then we get to the good stuff…

“Defendants are current competitors of The Dog Spot, who a tragic incident involving one dog in March Of 2017 as an opportunity to launch a smear campaign designed to destroy The Dog Spot’s business and ruin its reputation—all in an effort to boost Defendants’ own competing pet service businesses.”

“To achieve this goal, Defendants intentionally and maliciously lied to the public. They told other individuals that seven dogs died at The Dog Spot and encouraged those individuals to tell even more that dogs died at The Dog Spot. This is not true, and Defendants knew that it was not true at the time they made these statements.”

“Defendants’ calculated effort achieved some Of its goals. Defendants’ false statements have been disseminated throughout the Nashville community and posted on various social media sites that are viewed by thousands of individuals. As a result of their actions, Defendants have damaged The Dog Spot’s reputation and have intentionally interfered with The Dog Spot’s business relations, causing irreparable injury. This suit seeks relief.”

Here’s the suit in full (download here):










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